Thursday, August 7, 2014

Kate Spade "Bella Bookshelf" Agenda Review

Back to school is easily one of my favorite times during the year! I have always loved going back to school and buying new school supplies! Now that I'm in college and I buy all of my supplies on my own, I get to buy all of the adorable and super cute supplies. This back to school season, finding the perfect agenda has been my mission. My survival in college is dependent on having an amazing agenda. I forget everything, and writing everything down really helps me stay on track! I recently bought the Kate Spade 17-month agenda in the "Bella Bookshelf" design, and might I say, it's absolutely beautiful.

Mission: Find an amazing, adorable and chic agenda that no one in my class will have. 

I spent a good week searching through tumblr, pinterest, and Instagram looking for the perfect agenda. If you haven't heard of Shop Bando, you need to check them out now! Their 17-month agenda is the craziest and most rad planner ever made. It's super colorful and has adorable designs and quotes all over! I was definitely sold on this agenda, but unfortunately, it was sold out by the time I wanted to order it... :( 

I could have cried lol.

In fear that all of the swanky agendas would sell out, I quickly bought my second choice, the Kate Spade Set The Stage medium agenda in "Bella Bookshelf". I honestly wasn't completely sure if I would like it. I got it in two days and the packaging was very attractive. My heart has weakened for this planner-I'm so in love with it. First of all, Kate Spade is one of my favorite designers and this was my first KS purchase. This planner is more of a binder style with laminated tabs, and a title page with a cute quote for each month. If your in college and agendas are also key to your success, I definitely think you should get one! 

The medium sized agenda is $30 and although it's pretty expensive for a planner, it's definitely worth it! Plus, this agenda goes from August 14' to December 15'. So your getting about three semesters out of this one! 

What agenda did you buy for this school year? I apologize for my recent absence and I will be starting a blogging schedule soon! You should expect new posts every Monday & Thursday! I hope you liked this review & make sure to follow all of my links!

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