Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Easy & Yummy Summer Salad

Eating healthy is really just not my thing & its mostly because I don't want to take the time to actually cook. #NotAshamed. But recently, I decided to start buying my own groceries. I figure if I buy things that are healthy and I love, I would be more willing to cook for myself.  It's been working so far. 

This super yummy and really quick recipe, has been my go-to snack! I usually have a variation of this salad everyday. 

1 bowl of washed spinach 
2 chunky slices of cucumber, chopped
Small amount of chopped onion (the amount is really up to you)
10-12 small chucks of Swiss cheese
A pinch of parmesan
Italian dressing 

You could also throw in some mushrooms, avocado, carrots, any kind of meat & lots more! Salads are honestly the easiest meal you can make for your self, plus you can put what ever you want in them. It's like a healthy version of a froyo bar. 

If you try this easy summer recipe, I hope you love it & send me pics on my Instagram! Have an awesome week!

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