Monday, August 11, 2014

What's in my School Bag! #SchoolinWithKrys

As I said in my latest blog post, going back to school has always been super fun for me! I remember shopping alllll day with my mom, picking up the cutest supplies ever. Now that I'm old, I have to buy my supplies all alone. And spend my own money... :( Even though I'm usually pretty broke right before I go back to school, I can not wait to get back into the grind! Once you get into high school and college, you no longer get a list from your school telling you what to get. Through these years, you just learn what best helps you succeed and stay on track. Throughout high school & my first semester of college, I've figured out exactly what supplies I need, and what I need to take with me to school.
So, this is what is in my school bag, & what I take to school everyday!

Large bicycle tote | Taget $20

Geometric File Folders | Target $5

I prefer using file folders rather than the traditional folder. I can not tell you why, but I'm just obsessed with them! You can always find super cute patterns & they are so easy to carry around!

Up & Up Five Subject Notebook | Target $3

During high school, I really hated five subject notebooks, but in college I found it super inconvenient not having all of my notes and homework, if I only had one class that day. College classes are super unpredictable so your class may be cancelled right as you get there. If you have all of your notes and homework in one journal than you can study or get some extra work done while you wait for your next class.  

Composition Notebook | Target $1

I will mainly be using this for blogging and video ideas!

Kate Spade Agenda "Bella Bookshelf" | Kate Spade $30 

Agenda's are literally life. If you are in college, you NEED one! I wrote a review on this agenda, so if you want to see how I like it check it out here!

Pencil Pouch | Taget $1

Washi Tape | Target $1 each

Highlighters | Target $3

Up & Up #2 Pencils Pk. of 24 | Target $2
Up & Up Mechanical Pencils Pk. of 50 | Target $3

Mini Stapler | Target $2

Papermate Pens | Target 

Sharpie Pens | Target 3 for $3

Bath and Body Works

I always love to have a chap stick & lotion on me just in case. You never know when you going to be either ashy or super chapped! Gotta be prepared! 

& lastly, my wallet and keys! I literally can't go anywhere without those.

Thats all I keep in my school bag! I hope you liked it and maybe this will help you with you back to school shopping! My next #SchoolinWithKrys post will be up Thursday #FashionPost, so get excited.

What BTS product do you HAVE to buy year after year??

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