Saturday, September 13, 2014

Is It Fall or Winter? | Denim & Flannel

Denim Jacket | Thrift Store
Flannel | Thrift Store
Leggings | H&M
Tank | Old Navy
Boots | Tilly's

The other morning on my pup and I's morning walk, I was quite disappointed that I had to bring out my denim jacket because of the cold. It's September and Chicago has decided to skip fall. But I will not lie, I ADORE fall. Chuncky sweaters and big scarves are my life all fall/winter. Although I'm still a tad pissed about the sudden wheather change, I'm ready to take on the fall. This morning I quickly threw on a huge warm flannel and my favorite oversized denim jacket to keep away the cold. I love layering pieces like these. Layering can really make a simple out just a tad more interesting. 

If you haven't seen my pup yet, this is Doobie :)

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoy! 

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