Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sweaters in the Summer? Yup. | Feat. Aeropostale

Cropped sweaters are seriously genius. 

Sweater | Pacsun
Skirt | Aeropostale 
Necklace | Old Navy
Ring | Pacsun

 So summer has been quite uneventful, and the weather here in the Chi has been up and down, per usual. Since Mother Chi likes to throw curve balls at us all summer long, you can definitely get away with wearing an amazing crop sweater! I bought this amazing, three headed lion cropped sweater last year during christmas time and have yet to wear it. 

I knew that this sweater would look great with my favorite summer piece! This super flowy and adorable skirt, is perfect for summer-day or night! This skirt is honestly perfect all year round! Its super light and airy for summer, and still an amazing martial, when paired with tights or leggings you'll stay super warm through the winter months. Aeropostale has this skirt in many different styles and patterns, & I honestly adore every single one! If you are looking for a go-to, easy, year round staple, this Aero skirt is the way to go! 

Have you seen how amazing Aero is now?? Make sure to check out their site! I promise you won't be disappointed! 


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  1. Love your outfit and your blog. Simple but stylish :) Thanks for being my first follower