Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer Sweaters & Fountain Kisses

Sweater | Mom's closet
Tank | Old Navy
Shorts | Thrift find &DIY
Shoes | Keds
Necklace | Aeropostale 

Summer days call for short shorts, tanks, hot boys, bikinis, sun glasses, hot boys, and lots and lots of agua. Summer definitely has it's perks and I'm not sure if the heat is one of them. In the chi and winters are brutal and our summers are scorching. Staying cool and hydrated is the only way to survive Chi summers. I'm really not a "party-hardy" kind of gal so chilling out by the pool is my activity of choice. And for when my bank accountant is basically nonexistent, hanging out at a local beach or park is just as good!

Obv shorts are a first and only choice when it's 120 plus degrees outside. My shorts are vintage Levi's  I found at a thrift store. I cut them up, distressed them-the whole nine yards. My big summer lace knit sweater is my mothers. She and I both have no clue where she got it from. Under, I have a cream, basic tank from Old Navy. It was super cheap and it has lasted me a lifetime already. My rocking kicks are my favorite fire red Keds. Keds are literally my go-to summer sneaker. They aren't to thick, so they are comfy enough to run around in. I love the bright color for pretty much any time of the year, but these will fit in perfectly with anyone's summer wardrobe! I usually would go without the jewelry in the summer, but a big loose necklace can't hurt. This adorable elephant necklace is from Aeropostale and I abesolutely adore it.

Summer Playlist
Nirvana | Sam Smith
Lights and Camera | Yuna
Juice | Chance The Rapper
Tessellate | Ellie Goulding
P.D.A (We Just Dont Care) | John Legend
Not a Bad Thing | Justin Timberlake

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  1. Love the outfit! What kind of camera do use to take your pics?

  2. Nice playlist that you have there!