Sunday, June 29, 2014

Should you get a clothes rack? I think Yes!

This weekend I have been sweating and running and organizing day in, day out. Thankfully, all of the sweat and stress was wroth it because I now have a bangin' room! I recently moved back into my Mom's house, and upon arrival I no longer had the room I grew up in. My darling little brother decided that he was going to do a friendly trade without my consent. So, I got my brothers' old room. No big deal. Expect that two, now 6'1 boys, lived in this room for 11 years. In kind words, this room was pretty rough. It was so rough I didn't take a before picture. After hours of sanding, priming, painting and patching wholes, my room is now my oasis. I finished around 7 o'lock last night and I was stoked to relax and go to bed after. 

I got all of my furniture from Ikea, for the most part, and the one item that was on my wish list from the beginning was a clothes rack. I have seen so many bloggers and Youtubers that have clothes rack in their bedrooms. I can't express how much and how long I have been drooling over these racks. I think they're mad chic and I just adore the look of them in an all white bedroom. My rack is from Ikea and was only $13! Is that a deal or what? 

I don't have a crazy amount of clothes but I definitely had pieces that were hiding in my drab and cluttered closet. Having a rack out in the open, and on display, you are more likely to wear something that you haven't seen in two years because it was hiding in the back of your closet. It's great for organizing your pieces too! I put similar colors and styles together, so it's for me to throw adorable looks together with ease! I also throw some of my bags and scarves on the sides, and my shoes on the bottom rack. 

In all, clothes racks are bomb and you should definitely get one!

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